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  • Harvesting Process

    Liberty Chapel's Harvesting Process

    Our Goal

    To bring people from the “field” (low commitment, low spiritual maturity) to “farming” (high commitment, high spiritual maturity)

    1. The “Field”
    2. The “Fellowship”
    3. The “Family”
    4. The “Farmer”

    The “Field”

    The “field” or community is our starting point.  This is the vast pool of lost people that live within driving distance of our church that have no commitment to either Jesus our Lord and Savior, or Liberty Chapel.  They are the unchurched that we want to reach.  The “field” is where evangelism takes place.  The “field” also includes people that are only occasional attendees (one to four times a year).  These people should be put on our “field” database as our hottest evangelistic prospects; however, our ultimate goal is total penetration of the “field” giving everyone an opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus Christ.

    The “Fellowship”

    The “fellowship” includes everyone who shows up on Sunday for services.  They are our regular attendees.  The “fellowship” is made up of both believers and non-believers.  All they have in common is that they are committed to attending a Worship Service every week.  This is not much of a commitment, but at least it is something we can build on.  When someone moves from the “field” into the “fellowship” we have made some major progress in his or her life.  We know that while an unbeliever cannot truly worship, he/she can watch others worship.  We believe that true and genuine worship is a very powerful witness to unbelievers if they can understand what is actually happening during worship.  We believe an unbeliever that makes a commitment to regular attendance will eventually accept Jesus Christ if we are genuine in everything we do at Liberty Chapel.  Once a person has received Jesus Christ, our goal is to move him/her to the next level of commitment, the “family”.

    The “Family”

    The “family” is a group of Official Partners in our church.  They are born-again believers that are committed to faithful partnering with the rest of the committed family with loyal financial support and hands on ministry.  They are now more than attendees.  They are committed to the very purpose and success of Liberty Chapel and its vision statement.  This is a critical commitment.  The Christian life is not just a matter of believing, but in belonging.  It is very important for them to understand and to be an integral part of the big picture, i.e. His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  They are now partners in this process.  A prerequisite to partnering with the “family” will include:

    1. Taking our partnering class, Class 101 – Discovering Liberty Chapel as a Partner
    2. Signing our Partners with Liberty Chapel Covenant

    They will then be included and celebrated into the Liberty Chapel family.  At Liberty Chapel we see no reason for having non-active members on a roll.  As a result, we will remove the names of those who, for one reason or another become inactive and are not part of the Liberty Chapel vision.  We are not interested in a large membership, but an ever-growing legitimate partnership of genuinely active and involved people.

    The “Farmer”

    There will be people in the “family” phase of growth that will show, by their faithfulness and love for the ministry, that they possess potential for another level of partnership at Liberty Chapel.   The “committed leader” is part of the core that guides and directs the farming or harvesting process at Liberty Chapel.  This is an elite group of people who have shown by the process of time in ministry that they have the endurance and maturity to handle all of the various challenges that await the genuine church leader.  From frustration to exhilaration, they never lose the focus of the purpose. This takes loving when love is not returned, giving when nothing is given in return.  It is often a thankless and lonely position in partnership.  This is why so few are able to achieve this level.  These “committed leaders” are also the heart of Liberty Chapel.  Without these people Liberty Chapel would come to a standstill.  The dedicated minority of these workers and leaders represent the deepest level of commitment to the cause of Jesus Christ.  A prerequisite to this position will be:

    1. Class 201 – Discovering Spiritual Maturity
    2. Signing a Higher Level of Maturity Covenantcard
    3. To be active in leadership – loyal to the vision of the house
    4. Committed to continued growth in the Word and in Ministry
    5. Complete loyalty and prayer for and with the Pastor and his other leaders

    This class will be followed by:

    1. Class 301 – Discovering My Ministry
    2. Completing a Ministries Profile
    3. Having a personal interview
    4. Being commissioned as a Lay Minister/Leader in the church
    5. Attend a monthly (core only) training meeting

    We believe this level will certainly require extreme commitment, but we are in an extreme battle with an extreme enemy.  That enemy is sometimes our very own selves.

    2 Corinthians 6:12 says:

    You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted (hindered, slowed down, stopped) by our own affections (reasoning).

    1 Corinthians 4:2 says:

    Moreover, it is required (mandated, demanded, commanded) in stewards (managers, leaders) that one be found (always) faithful (loyal, reliable, honorable).


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