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  • Welcome

    Your Success is our Success

    Welcome to our website! It is with great pleasure we are able to offer information about everything we are at Liberty Chapel Community Church to the people of Southern Monterey County and beyond. Whether you are just traveling through and looking for a place to worship away from home, or you have become a resident and are looking for a permanent place to worship, we are honored that you are checking us out.

    Our Goal is to provide you with a well-rounded overview of our services, ministries, and staff, as well as our friendliness, our heartfelt caring, and our “family” atmosphere. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, driven by a passion to “be all we can be” to the people of the great Salinas Valley. Your well-being and happiness are the “best measures” of “our” success. There is a phrase in a song that says, “If I can help somebody as I go along, then my living will not be in vain.”

    If we are able through our ministry to help or encourage anyone to grow in their relationships, to overcome habits, to realize their self worth, or to become involved in helping others as they help themselves, then their success is our success.

    We Care and it Shows

    “Success through excellence” is never an accident. “Average” just very simply “comes naturally”, but excellence must be continually and purposefully pursued.

    Our motto at Liberty Chapel is: “It’s a Relationship with God, not a Religion”, so our endeavor for excellence is not a selfish, or egotistical one; we simply believe that God and His son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are worthy of all the praise, honor, and excellence we are able to offer Him. We trust He will be seen in our smiles as you approach the church, our greeting as you enter, and our sincerity as we share His word and pray a special prayer just for you.

    We strive daily to live by this principle: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. We do care and it shows!

    Impossible Means Nothing

    One of the beautiful, unique, built-in qualities the Creator has instilled into each one of us is the ability to dream, ie: to experience our own personal desire to become or to accomplish or to acquire something “bigger than life”, or at least enormous in our own concept of achievement. At Liberty Chapel we believe these dreams and goals are in fact “gifts from God” and that He is able to cause them to come to fruition in our lives.

    We know there is an “enemy” who is exercising all his power and influence to foil, squash, and diffuse the potential in every God-given dream. Our goal is to help you to know who you are in God, and to know who God is in you, and that your God-given dreams are very much a reality in progress. With God’s dreams before you, His spirit guiding you, and His power working in you, it is just a matter of time.

    So “Impossible” means nothing.

    Bringing God to You

    You will notice many things as you experience Liberty Chapel Community Church: from the website, to our flyers, to our visitors, greeters, teachers and staff, from our Guest & Information Booth, to our cameras, video screens, and sound and recording equipment, from our musicians, to our worship team, our songs & messages, from lighting to ministries, from our foreign missions to city events.

    From our Ladies and Men’s Group, to our Children’s Church, from our youth programs to our education programs, from our Preschool, to our K-12 Christian School, it’s all about: “Bringing God to You”.

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