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  • Partnership Class


    We need to have confidence that our obedience will reflect in our work for the Lord  through partnership with Liberty Chapel Church.  Learn leadership skills that will guide you to understand and share the Word of God, in your life and with others by attending our Partnership Class Series.

    Partnership 101:  The Fundamentals

    Lesson 1:  Assurance of Salvation
    Lesson 2:  Assurance of Victory
    Lesson 3:  Assurance of Forgiveness
    Lesson 4:  Assurance of Provision

    Learn about the tools needed to help strengthen your spiritual maturity by attending the second portion of our Partnership Class Series, Partnership 201.  This course is required to be active in leadership at Liberty Chapel Church.

    Partnership 201:  Discovering Spiritual Maturity

    Lesson 1:  How to Get a Grasp on Your Bible
    Lesson 2:  The Habit of Daily Time with God
    Lesson 3:  The Habit of Prayer
    Lesson 4:  The Habit of Tithing
    Lesson 5:  The Habit of Fellowship

    Ready for true commitment?  Find out what ministry your skills would be best utilized in by attending the third portion, and highest level of our Partnership Class Series, Partnership 301.  This course is required to be commissioned as a Lay Minister or Leader at Liberty Chapel Church.

    Partnership 301:  Discovering My Ministry

    Lesson 1: TBA
    Lesson 2: TBA
    Lesson 3: TBA

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