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  • Drama Ministry

    One of the many ways we praise the Lord at Liberty Chapel Community Church is our Drama Ministry.  The Drama Ministry is an opportunity to sing, dance, act and praise the Lord.  Drama ministry is for adults as well as children.

    The Drama Ministry staff attempts to provide an opportunity for all to display their special talents that may otherwise go hidden.  We also attempt to nurture and develop talent in young and old, to bring them to a place where they are more comfortable speaking to an audience about the Love of Our Lord.  The drama ministry team encourages actors, singers, dancers, costume designers, set designers, camera operators, sound technicians, playwrights, choir directors and people with a willingness to support our efforts through snacks and backstage assistance.

    The Drama Ministry attempts to put on a production for Easter and Christmas, as well as other special programs during the year.  The ministry team also assists the Pastors when needed with illustrated sermons.

    Another equally important aspect of the Drama Ministry is the Puppet Ministry.  The Puppet Ministry shares the Word with children through the use of skits using puppets.  Through the puppet ministry, many children have dedicated their lives to the Lord through the stories made real through the use of puppets.

    The Drama Ministry is facing an exciting time as our focus becomes more upon expansion in what we do in the church as well as the community.  With God directing our way and the Pastoral staff as our shepherds, the Drama ministry is moving toward a greater and more community wide impact upon the lives of children and adults.

    It is the hope of the Drama Ministry staff that you will partner with us in this endeavor through prayer and perhaps, participation in our programs.