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  • Youth Ministry

    At Freed from Blame youth ministries we believe that God is developing a generation of young adults who will by no means be ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus, but who feel free to find themselves lost in genuine worship and love for God. Teenagers today are facing stronger battles that any parent or grandparent could have imagined 10 to 20 years ago.  We believe that the empowerment the Word brings to their lives will allow them to stand strong for themselves as well as those around them. The Bible says in Ezekiel 37, “God is looking for those who will allow themselves to be used by Him, in order to stand up in the valley of the dead and dry and proclaim life to those who have not heard of the power and love of God”.

    Youth Word Night

    Our Wednesday night service offers an opportunity to teach the Word of God in an intense way; there is no holding back and no sugar coating the Word of God. We believe that as the Word comes forth, today’s generation will find answers to the many questions that they are asking. This is the teenager’s opportunity to find out how the power of God’s word can impact their everyday lives.  

    M.A.D (Making a Difference) Nights

    Usually held monthly on Friday nights, aimed at reaching the hearts of teenagers in a more non traditional fashion. MAD nights tend to get a little crazy at times, and Dramas, Games, and Extreme praise give us the ability to feel free in our worship of God, and lifting up the name of Jesus. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming M.A.D nights… you never know what kind of surprises are coming.  We have something different each time.

    Youth Ministry Pastors:
    Pastor Rudy & Bernie Amador

    Youth Ministry Leader:
    Chelsey Furrer