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  • Soledad Missions

    Reaching out to the Orphans in Mexico

    Giving warmth, hope & happiness

    “Whoever receives one little child like this, in My name, receives Me.”

    Matthew 18: 5


    While visiting with Missionaries in Rosarito, Mexico, the subject of children in Mexico came up. We were touched emotionally hearing they were being sexually exploited and abandoned on the streets and forced to sell merchandise to help support their families, few had the opportunity to attend school. That afternoon we encountered children selling “chicklets”, four packs for a quarter. We realized at that time a quarter would not change a life, but the opportunity for an education would.

    Providing a safe, loving, caring environment plus an education for these children could not only change their lives but the future of Mexico.

    We believe with your help we can make a difference.


    The Soledad Missions Outreach, a non-profit corporation was formed in 2004. The board members with the vision to help the children in Mexico, started looking for property. Many trips have been made to Mexico to look at different properties.  On September 18, 2006 the board members went to look at property. The size and location of the property found is great. The board members are currently in contact with the real estate company regarding the purchase of this property.  They are stepping out in Faith, knowing that Soledad Missions Outreach does not have all the needed Funds.  Our prayer is that God would speak to people with big hearts to join with us to help make this project happen.


    Through the generous support of people with big hearts and much fundraising a large portion of the funds needed has been raised.  An additional $60,000 is still needed to purchase the property. With your continued support and additional fundraising we are confident the funds will be raised.  After the property is paid for we will begin construction on the buildings needed to house the children.


    The Directors of the Orphanage, Serafin and Marisela Cruz, graduated from a Christian Bible College in Mexico and Pastor the El Shaddai Church in Rosarito, Mexico. They come highly qualified and recommended for the position they will fill as Directors.


    Rosarito, Mexico is located approximately 25 miles south of the San Diego / Mexico border and is located along coastal Highway 1 in Baja Mexico. The actual property sits on a hill overlooking the City of Rosarito. It has the capability of water and electrical hook up; it also has a sewage disposal on site. There are structures on the property that can be used after some remodeling is completed. The property is approximately 2400 square meters and has plenty of room to build and still leave room for the children’s outdoor activities. There are several schools close by.

    Soledad Missions Outreach Board Members:

    Tom & Barbara Stewart
    Louie & Connie Orozco

    Contact Phone: (831) 678-2885